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Happa Hunny Hair Extensions

All Things Brows

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All Things Brows Course✨
Become a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Certified in Brow Lamination & Tint & Brow Shaping. All for $3,250!

In our two day hands on, beginners courses you will Learn:
•Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup, Brow Lamination & Tint and Brow Shaping.
•Proper Sanitation & Safety
•Brow Shaping/Mapping & Lash Mapping
•Color Theory/Color Correction
•Combo brows: Nano Strokes,
Powder Shading, Ombré Brow
•Work on a live model
•Small class size
•Generous kit
•Certificates of Completion
•Post Certification Support
•Pro Tips
*Business plan, Insurance, Permits
•Social Media & Marketing tools & much more.
•No Licensing required to take this course.

*California & Hawaii have No State Regulations.

*State of Tennessee Requires a followed year long apprenticeship for Permanent Makeup. Additional fee.

✨Go to the website to enroll

✨Feel free to contact us for more information, send an inquiry to
✨Call or text 931-265-0670 


All Classes are Sales final-No Refunds